Marcos Gonzales Puga


Marcos, originally from the Canary Islands, is a registered Architect in Madrid. He holds European Architectural + Building Engineering degree by ETSAM; Studies of urban planing at Creteil University, Paris, Project Course a l’Universite la Villette, Paris: International Habitat Program in CEPT, Ahmedabad and a Diploma in Management by APC, Sydney.

Marcos’ experience embrace a wide spectrum of the construction industry, from the finest design ateliers in Europe to the erection of his projects hands on.

 Working on the tools, dealing with council, developers, builders and consultants is the real real passion, a holistic approach of all the actors involved in the complete process.
Marcos has extensive local and international experience, among others:
  • KTA (Koichi Takada Architect. Sydney, Australia) who is building some of the most amazing buildings of the new Sydney such as Green Square, Sky by Crown, Jennifer Hawkins residence…
  • JDA (James Davidson Architect. Brisbane, Australia), David is the head of emergency architects in Queensland, he is a lecture at the UTQ;
  • PROES (Madrid, Spain). Under the direction of F. Casqueiro, top ten engineering firms in the South European region.
  • Vastu Shilpa Foundation (Ahmedabad, India) under the direction of Val Krishna Doshi, living legend of architecture, pupil of Le Corbusier and Louis Khan;
  • DPA (Dominique Perrault Architecture. Paris, France). Authors of the Nationale Bibliotheque Françoise;

After years in the architectural game Marcos met J. Hayes, mentor and problem solving guru, they formed Hayes-Puga specializing in residential construction and project management where he gained strong insight of administration as well as a trade background which allows him to foresee problems and opportunities from the early stages of the design.

After been given the opportunity to design and organize two eco-resorts in Asia and the South Pacific and very positive feedback from local clients, Marcos decided to create Canary Constructions & Management, gathering some exceptional colleagues to work in a holistic view to the nowadays architectural and construction environment.